MMM: All Along The Watchtower, Village Piano, Human Target

James here with Movie Music Monday!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. This stuff ain’t holiday, but it is darn good, and I hope you agree.

More epicness from composer Bear McCreary’s ‘Battlestar Galactica’ scores. The centerpiece of the final episodes, this mind-blowing version of Bob Dylan’s ‘All Along The Watchtower’ is, in my opinion, the best rendition yet. This mix lengthens the piece by combining it with powerful instrumentals.

As per tradition, another fantastic piano cover, this time of James Newton Howard’s ‘Gravel Road’ from Shyamalan’s misunderstood film ‘The Village’.

More genius from McCreary’s mind. The theme for the first season of ‘Human Target’ is strikingly cinematic, and deserved a better fate.