Take A Look In The Mirror…

Posted by James Treakle, site administrator.

Here’s our philosophy.

Film has the power, as with all art, to reflect and change the spirit of the society that birthed it.

It has the power to criticize, to satirize, to be cathartic, vile, decent, ugly, beautiful, and most of all, it is a binding force.

Our responsibility as critics is to be a meaningful part of the action of cinema, as we reflect on the films and the culture they correspond to.  We are driven by a love of entertainment and led by a love of insight.  We find wisdom and order in the swirl of chaos.  We find God in hell and heroes in the mud.  So whether it be in Tarantino, Capra, Spielberg, Kubrick, or any other, we celebrate the joys of cinema and the weird and wild beauty found in the flickering light of society’s silver mirror.

Care to join us?  Browse our articles and categories, and muse a while.


2 thoughts on “Take A Look In The Mirror…

  1. Hi James!

    I am VERY impressed with your blog! Your reviews are insightful.

    I wish you all the best with this new blog.

  2. Hey guys! You both know me from school, and I was wondering if you have seen the documentary titled Catfish? If not, it is a must see, and if so, I’m really interested in how you responded to it and I’d love to see an overall review of it.

    I think your blog is great, and I look forward to continuing to read it, whether or not you decide to review Catfish haha

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