I’m a filmmaker.

I co-own a production company called Valiant Dead.

I also believe in magic.

Not the feeling generated by a successful illusion, mind you; rather, the arcane sort of magic that drives human history.  The world, in my mind’s eye, is sacramental.  Nothing is merely “thus.”

It is the business of human beings to turn the mundane into the magical.  This is a revelatory task, not a creative one, because all that appears mundane is already inherently wondrous beyond imagination.  Science and technology are magic — they unlock potential, reveal hidden worlds, and transport the mind into the realm of the possible.

Fiction is the spearhead of science.

But cinema, like all fiction, has trained us in the modern world to believe that magic exists only in the realm of the imagination, that there is a clear dividing line between our mundane world and the wonder we experience on the silver screen.

No such line exists.

Cinema, properly realized, changes the real world.  It alters our perception of reality, unlocking hidden potential for material social progress.  Its signs and symbols are incantations.

I believe that films can be wielded as weapons against injustice.  I believe that films can guide innovation.  I believe that films can bring us together as a species, transcending all barriers, extending empathy in every direction.

I used to compile film reviews on this blog.  I’ll probably still do that from time to time.  But its new mechanism is exploration — I want to discover for myself how to use cinematic alchemy to change the world for the better.

Every day, I will post something here, reflecting my journey.

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