MMM: ‘Roar’ Remix, ‘Carpica’ Piano, Predators Theme

James here.

Movie Music Monday!  Or, if you like, Triple M.  This is the first in a new, unpretentious series with two goals in mind.

1) Increased blog traffic to suit my ego, er, liking

2) The joy that comes from sharing good music

And by sharing I mean YouTube.

So, without further hubub:

Thoughts: I just discovered this remix artist on Sunday. Their work is, surprisingly, actually tolerable, and sometimes even good. Take this one, for instance. It made me realize that composer Michael Giacchino’s work is downright sample-able. The added drums enhance the original piece, which is another pleasant shock.

Thoughts: Bear McCreary is a revelation from God. Every piece of music the man writes is well above par. His work on the re-imagined ‘Battlestar Galactica’ continues to gain in popularity. This piece, performed with great skill by Mark Northam, is the main theme to the ‘Battlestar’ prequel ‘Caprica’, which sadly was cancelled before it could hit its stride. As you will no doubt notice when you listen to this piece, Bear’s music is blessedly iconic, and it was one of main reasons I kept watching ‘Caprica’ until its cancellation.

Thoughts: John Debney is a solid composer. His work on the ‘Predator’ reboot is admirable, mainly for Debney’s respectful treatment of Alan Silvestri’s original theme, which is a blasted earworm. This take on the theme only changes a couple of details, but they keep it fresh and give ‘Predators’ its own identity. If I’m ever running through the jungle slathered in mud, outfoxing a cloaked alien hunter with thermal vision, this is what I want in my head.


One thought on “MMM: ‘Roar’ Remix, ‘Carpica’ Piano, Predators Theme

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