Stars: ★★★★

Summary:  A truly significant film that explores the relationship between cinema and dreams, ‘Inception’ is thrilling, imaginative artwork.

Review: ‘Inception’ is just about as good as it gets. The best that a film can ever hope to do is show you something about yourself you may not have seen before; hence the title of this blog.  Christopher Nolan has created a film richly packed with meaning, emotion, and unique visceral thrills.  It has taken on a spiritual significance in my life alongside sci-fi classics such as ‘2001’, ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘The Matrix’.

The plot revolves around a team of brilliant dream-thieves who attempt to do the impossible, to perform “inception”, placing an idea in someone’s mind and convincing them that it is their own.  The marketing reveals the cleverness of the narrative so directly it’s easily overlooked.  “Your mind is the scene of the crime”, the posters declare, and it’s true.  The team of dream thieves not only invade their target’s mind, but ours as well, taking us along for an emotional journey that plants ideas deep within, and unless we’re savvy to the tricks of cinema as the characters are to the deception of lucid dreaming, we may not even know it’s happening.  Films are like dreams, it has been famously said, and Nolan has taken this insight to perhaps its highest level.  “We create the world of the dream. We bring a subject into that dream and they fill it with their subconscious,” Thus says Leo DiCaprio’s character, referring to the art of the heist, but it’s actually Nolan speaking of his own art.  “If we’re going to perform inception, we’re going to need imagination,” Says another dream-thief, which reveals why the movie has succeeded.

Art being subjective, it’s not possible just to say it’s a good film and leave it at that.  Whatever your opinion of the film, or any film for that matter, when it becomes planted in the public consciousness and begins sprouting a forest of ideas, it becomes impossible to ignore.  It has become a great film, that is to say, a significant film.  It’s a must-see movie for this reason. Like ‘The Matrix’, you cannot be told what ‘Inception’ is, you have to experience it for yourself.  It plucks a peculiar chord.

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